Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Cry to save a heart

Oh God, spear me some tears
Let it all out
So I don't have to carry this guilt

Please don't let it hold back even one drop of it
Coz every drop means regretful
Please let my heart be at ease 

Coz God, I only have you
For only your love makes me feel peace
No doubts towards your love
For I will never be heart broken as long as I am with you

God, I just want to cry, cry and cry right now
Let me smile again for tomorrow
Don't let me fake the smile
Fake smiles only breaks the heart even worst

Heart, please heal fast
Heart, please don't torture yourself
Heart, please be strong
Heart, please don't fall sick
Let imaan heals you

may Allah bless

1 comment:

shah said...

tears that fell down proves how matured u does not show signs of weakness.God n time will heal the wound..