Sunday, August 26, 2012

you control your own life

Sekarang ni banyak sangat stories nak tulis.
Tapi duk tangguh-tangguh memang la blog tu bersawang.
Nak tukar blog template pun tak tukar-tukar.

Latest news about me,
I'm having a hard time right now.
Really low sekarang.

I feel that someone is controlling me right now.
For every single word I said, it seems so wrong.
For every angle I thought, it seems not right.
For every single word I wrote, it looked like the other way round.

I feel so helpless.
The point that I felt disappointed is when I let the person control me.
I feel so low.

I really believe that each person has every right to think, believe, feel and express in his on way.
Nobody should ever over rule all those things.
It's just so wrong!

Even a slave has his own believe, thoughts and expressions.
Just look at Bilal Bin Rabbah.
He kept worshipping Allah even though being tortured by the Kafirun.

Latest study showed that there are more than 800 islamic women scholars back then.
All those beautiful ladies have their own studies, ideas and papers to be shared.

And me?
I let some stranger, not even blood related to control me.?
Gosh, I need some self-reconciling to do.

My lecturer once shared me this,
It's so true!

May this be a lesson to me and everyone else.
Taking the opportunity of the Forgiving Month of Syawal,
I apologise for every single wrongdoings to everybody.
And I forgive everyone.

May Allah bless~

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