Saturday, August 4, 2012

waiting for the rainbow to shine

I have not write for a quite some time in 2012.
You can see the statistics so obvious from my post history.
A lot had happened in 8 months.
I wished I had started writing from January but as usual, procrastination is a serious disease.

Anyways, just to share my latest emotion status: i'm confused!
When you're at the age of getting married, I guess this is the phase in your life that you become topsy turvy and sometimes you lose your way.

For this post, I would like to share something I learned about something about marriage.
Lame post huh?
I know.
But it's something that EVERYONE should know.

Ladies, if you have met someone and along the road, you met someone better,
Better in a sense that you actually thought that you've found your SOULMATE,
You need to take a step back and think again.

Our dear Prophet had said,
“Apabila orang yang engkau redha agama dan akhlaknya datang meminang, maka kahwinkanlah dia, jika tidak kamu lakukan demikian akan berlakulah fitnah di bumi dan kerosakkan yang besar."
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And dear Muhammad pbuh said again,
Para sahabat bertanya, “Ya Rasulullah ! Walaupun dia telah mempunyai isteri?” Lalu Rasulullah s.a.w mengulangi, “Apabila orang yang engkau redha agama dan akhlaknya datang meminang, maka kahwinkanlah dia!” sebanyak tiga kali. 
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So, dear sisters, if you have too many choices, let's get back to basic.
From my experience,
1. Be good because that's what Allah wants.
2. Istikharah because only Allah knows the best for us.
3. If a man who happens to have such good akhlak asks for a hand in marriage, ACCEPT him! because that's what our dear Nabi had taught us.
4. If you found another guy whom you think you like better that the first guy, well, you really need to start cracking your head to find reasons for dumping the first guy. Remember, it's what you need to answer to Allah that matters because breaking promises is MUNAFIK nauzubillah.

I thought I've fallen in love for a guy whom happens to hit so many points from my dream-guy list.
But Allah knows best.
I'd pray for the best answer and I finally got one.

To tell you the truth,
That answer is not what I really want,
but Allah will grant you a partner whom you NEED right?

Life is a learning process.
New pains can turn into new wounds.
New wounds can leave scares.
The scares that make you heart stronger.

MayAllah bless.

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